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What Client’s Say

After 20+ years of on again off again smoking I feel like for the first time I won’t need to worry about falling back. After only 2 weeks I hardly even think about smoking anymore & that has never happened even after long periods of quitting*  – Shane – IT Tech

I“In 6 weeks I have lost 17” and 12lbs.  I am excited about this because it teaches you a lifestyle, not a diet.  I have enjoyed the process immensely and feel great”* – Cindy

“Halfway through, I am feeling much more in control of my emotions. I have a better sense of myself & able to adapt to different & stressful situations better. At this point, my triggers are being controlled & I feel much happier”* – Jenny

Our Hypnosis Services
Weight Loss with Hypnosis

Is being overweight restricting your life? Weight loss programs are natural, customized, and have lasting change. No scales, no complicated rules. Just effective weight loss.

Are you trading your health for your habit? Disgusted with how you smell? Feeling controlled by cigarettes & more? Our Hypnosis Stop Smoking program is effective, easy and natural.

Overwhelmed, nervous, or tired? Everyday life too much & you feel not in control? Spinning in fear or unable to make a decision? Hypnosis can bring relaxation back into your life.

Questions about Hypnosis

You have come to
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Hypnosis for weight loss, quitting smoking, stress management, and more.

Have you ever been driving home, totally engrossed in your thoughts and you don’t remember some of your drive? You pull in the driveway and think “What have I been doing the last 6 blocks?” Daydreaming the route falls away. Entranced with To-Do Lists, problems, worry, or what’s for supper? Congratulations you have experienced a trance state.

What took your attention? Dreaming about meals? Salivating over food or drink? Debating over healthy supper or emotional eating? Knowing what is good for you then giving into comfort foods? Would it be possible to crave a new connection with food? Seeing a thinner version of you at the end of the tunnel? Using Hypnosis Weight Loss, clients are able to leave unwanted pounds behind.

Smoking the whole drive home then you had to try and hide the smell of cigarettes? Hiding your embarrassing habit? Unaware of lurking health risks? Passing time or blowing off steam with your vehicle of choice vaping, smoking, or distracting from life? Feel like you are driven by nicotine? What if you could belong to the group of non-smokers and feel safe, to learn how to handle your life with it’s bad habits and stress in a new way? Your mind has learned to associate and trigger two activities together. Quit Smoking Hypnosis separates the old learned behavior and  parks it for good.

Hypnosis has been used by The British for childbirth since the 1950s, including the Royal Family.

The Nature of Hypnosis is a published report commissioned by the British Psychological Society in 2001, which circulated that hypnosis is used as a proven therapeutic medium. This report stated “hypnotic procedures may be beneficial in the management or treatment of a wide range of problems and conditions.

Used effectively instead of anesthetic in war times hypnosis allowed surgery and shrapnel to be dug out of soldiers. In 1958 hypnosis sessions were recommended by the American Medical Association applicable to medicine and dentistry.

Worried about the future? Off in another space instead of focused on the road ahead? Unable to be present and in the moment? Assuming the worst? Crippling noise in your head? Unable to get out from under the weight of problems? Get out of that ditch and remind yourself what’s possible. Hypnosis helps you find the exit sign from hair raising antics on to scenic drives. Imagine what it would feel like in your body using learned methods and resources to shift out of high gear and remind yourself where the calm Easy Street is? 

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotist is the guide or instructor that helps you enter a suggestive calm state. The subconscious mind looks after digestion, your heart beating, cells dividing and renewing, day to day stuff you consciously don’t have to even think about. It is the storage part of your mind, storing all our memories and beliefs for right and wrong. In that part of our mind, “I wonder what I could create tomorrow?” could be heard as it is always looking forward. 

Your mind is able to weave magical roads together with suggestive thoughts. Mapping out the road ahead; your future; what you want from life, your mind has the map to success and then knows the path to that goal from A to B. Leaving station A a smoker then arriving at station B a Non-Smoker. Flying over difficulty or stressful situations and soaring confidently to new heights. Diving into losing weight with focus then emerging sleek and happy in your new skin.

Deactivating the different parts of the mind will shift you from fight-or-flight mode to gear down and enter Serenity Town. Delivering a new option for managing stress, achieving weight loss, stop smoking and other old habits. It’s that part of the brain that can let you unlearn something.

Just like when we are learning to spell in public school. It only takes 3 tries for the brain to learn that the misspelled word is right in our mind. It learned it that way and so it has a belief the incorrect version is what we think is correct. Change the way you have learned to misuse food and lose weight now, un-do stress and nervousness could stop today or quit smoking forever.

Be able to reinforce positive new behaviors, hypnosis’ magical state can be used “to get in the zone” to enhance sports performance, create new focused study habits for better grades, visualize the path to more money and a better life, dream away into a deep sleep or expand confidence and motivation.

Hypnosis Works is an article explaining some of the science behind hypnosis for pain management. This hospital uses hypnosis routinely. Imagine needing surgery, you have eaten so they want to postpone. Your fever is getting worse. Read this informative article to hear how hypnosis helped.

Hypnosis can replace sedation, numb pain, let patients recover quicker, have less apprehension for procedures, need less medication, and be hospitalized for shorter stays. What could life look like if feeling free of pain was an option? 


Will I have cravings?

When you don’t give into cravings you become in control. You win; they vanish! Hypnosis will help you control cravings.

Who is able to be hypnotized?

If you ever drove into your laneway and doubted how you got there you may have experienced that autopilot trance-like state akin to hypnosis. Hypnosis uses fixation. repetition, and relaxation and is done in a theta state, which everyone passes through during the sleep process. Yes, clients experience a range of hypnosis in their sessions at the clinic in Saugeen Shores. Pioneer of hypnosis Milton Erickson persuaded the hypnotist to modify their metaphor, style, or approach to ensure that everybody can be hypnotized. At the initial screening session, all potential clients are assessed with a short hypnotic test.

How does hypnosis help?

Hypnosis slows the body and the mind down to a relaxed state. Many clients reach such a relaxed state where deductive reasoning is left behind and a more vivid or creative part of the brain is accessed. Positive suggestion, repetition, and relaxation are the keys to reaching for what you want. Young children function from theta brainwaves and this permits new learning. Theta waves authorize creative thought and increased motivation.
Let’s take the childhood book Goldilocks reference here. Hypnosis helps you come up with whatever version of ”Just right” for your future. Your future building exercise will allow you to create what you want, your ideal version of you. Something not suiting life, too hot or too cold, something too harsh or too soft? In hypnosis, a safe environment, the client builds what they want. Trying this new version on beforehand takes the fear out of change. No longer worrying about what The 3 Bears think. The weight-loss client seeing what they look like with the weight gone, hearing compliments, and feeling empowered. Other clients can see freedom from old habits, smoke, fears, or phobias. Now that the client has created this imagery they know what to work towards….similar to a vision board, but in 3D and with feelings. Using all of the senses along with the mind making it so real and doable the power comes from within.

What is hypnosis used for?

Bruce Grey Hypnosis helps clients with Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Stress Control, handle fears or phobias, improve concentration, empowerment, nervousness, social shyness, academics, and more. Just ask if hypnosis can be used for your situation.

Can hypnosis make me do things I don't want to do?

No, you can’t be made to do anything. Creating a safe place where the client chooses to take action. The work shifts the way you feel about a topic, making things possible again. While in a hypnotic state you ultimately have the ability to act on suggestions, visualizing potential, getting rid of exhausting debate, and going for it! With the assistance of the hypnotist, you enter a state where you control your new thoughts, create potential, see shifts, hear a new beat, feel lighter, smell the roses, and taste enjoyment again.

What does it cost? How many sessions?

Please note that each person is in a unique situation and I can only offer a program to you after an assessment and cost is driven by you the client, your needs, your goals, your fast results, your desire, your timing, your success.
If you were to choose a product somewhere that was the longest in length because you had the idea that you would need all this help and all this time to get to your desired outcome….that’s just setting the stage for the process to take that long! It would be unethical for me to sell you a product that was more than you needed just to sell you something. Book a complimentary screening now 519 955 4998 to find out how hypnosis can assist your needs.
The main reason I wish to meet with you is to do a quick hypnotic test to determine if you are able to be hypnotized. Then together we will discuss the options you have. Most clients make their decision at that appointment. Dare to imagine your new life, a new wardrobe, new health, new smoke-free lungs, new happiness, new freedom, new confidence, new performance, let that imagination run wild. Hypnosis will soften old beliefs and tackle negative thinking. It works. Full support from start to finish through your hypnosis program.

What you need to know about Hypnosis

  • Hypnosis, the state of relaxation within the entire body, and also a state of heightened awareness within your mind.
  • Client’s are fully aware during the session, even participating, many people feel still and motionless, or lighter, while others may notice colours.
  • Any level of hypnosis will make you susceptible to self-improvement or behavior change suggestions.
  • Hypnosis is used for improving mindset, as stated by neuroscientists.
  • Remember this about hypnosis for losing weight, stopping smoking, or controlling stress responses. It’s not like giving control over to anyone. In fact quite opposite, hypnosis assists the control within your mind.
  • John Kihlstrom Psychologist -” the hypnotist does not hypnotize an individual; serving as a coach or guide the job is the assist the person become hypnotized”
  • No pocket watches swinging in this new version of hypnotherapy. You are focused yet comfortable. Listening for positive benefits, able to learn new ways to handle life, control stress, release habits, avoid overindulging, and gain confidence.
  • Doctor Spiegel describes – “You may daydream while stopped at a traffic light or got lost in thought and didn’t even realize the light had changed to green. That’s hypnosis”
  • Weight Loss with hypnosis is more than 30X’s more effective than struggling by yourself.
  • In the beginning, weight control using hypnosis clients lost more pounds than any other method and over two years later continued to have healthy body composition.
  • If getting the weight off and keeping it off is a struggle, it would be so worth it to give Bruce Grey Hypnosis a ring.
  • Our everyday communication, music, advertising, movies, TV, or reading material constantly plant suggestions into our awareness and subconscious mind. Careful what you surround yourself with! Come learn how to edit what you don’t want from your life. Focus on what you do want!
  • Assisting to quit smoking and more by suggesting healthier behavior, reminding the client to take action and feel good about going in a new direction.
  • Often we get disconnected, for long periods of time we remain unaware, further from the life we crave. Sessions become the link to the mind-body connection. Creating a single-minded goal or direction. No longer at odds within yourself. End stinking thinking and learn to want to take a new direction.
  • There is a part of you that stores every moment with emotion. As you live your life memories are filed. Image how many files are filling up your “storage”. Old outdated “stuff”. Let hypnosis help you to tidy up, relieve you of hurt, and lighten life’s load.

All you need is an open mind and the awesome results of hypnosis suggestions!

The trance of the hypnosis alone is not enough. The hypnotist comes up with specific phrases and create’s visual enhancement and tossing all these ingredients together to create a new recipe for life. Said another way, “if being in a state of hypnosis was the lettuce, the things added by the hypnotist makes a salad colorful and complete!”


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