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“This has helped me immensely to move past so many roadblocks I wasn’t even aware I had. I came with the intention to remove phobias I had but it changed almost every aspect’s in my life”*

Jamie, Health Advocate July 2020

“Tracy has a knack for understanding your issue and using the right words during the session. My session helped me gain clarity with an important decision”*

Kerstin, Wellness June 2019

“I am elated, 10 inches smaller. WOW. The audios are wonderful tools, I can’t imagine not having them available.”*

Janet, RPN Sept 2020

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Master Hypnotist Society of Canada
MHS Canada Mission
“To help hypnotists get the best possible results for their clients.”
The learning style of the MHS along with its Mission ensures that I have hands-on, real-life encounters. Here every hypnotist has undergone their own revelations, done their own work, and transformed. Each has been trained through our own experiences and we have stood in what the client is going through. Ensuring clients can keep the weight loss off, stop smoking for good, put the past behind them, manage stress and nervousness in a new way and so much more! Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

About Us

Hi, I’m Tracy Robinson, Director of Bruce Grey Hypnosis in lovely Bruce County. Enjoying a great work-life balance on Lake Huron. I found my way to hypnosis after wanting a career that truly helped people. A career that gave back as much as I gave. Hypnosis delivers, not covering up symptoms, I myself have got control of my eating habits using this program. Having been in the trenches of health care I realized that stress has a great impact on our bodies and minds. When clients shift from “I can’t” thinking to “wow, I never know that was possible” that experience validates what I do and leaves me feeling that hope is here.

As a Member of the Master Hypnotist Society of Canada (MHS), I really enjoy it when people can see their way to gain skills, make changes, or shift away from what’s gripping them. I practice Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic programming together to gather the tools in my toolbox.

Crafting outcomes and getting people to the goal line.


Bruce Grey Hypnosis welcomes you to release weight, struggles, smoking, stress, hassle, and more. BOOK NOW 519 955 4998

Update June 2020 All programs and sessions continue online from the comfort of your home OR in person at the clinic.

Our Hypnosis Services
Weight Loss with Hypnosis

Do you feel heavy, tired, and exhausted? Have the “COVID 19” pounds hung on long enough? Muffin top overflowing? Are food cravings out of control? Addicted to chocolate, sugar, and sweets? Would you like to have new ways to handle life and regain faith and control?

Are cigarettes, vaping, or smoking of any kind controlling your life? Do you constantly think about smoking? Embarrassed by the smell left behind? Do you enjoy smoking while knowing the health risks and would like to know how to butt out forever?

Feeling overwhelmed by life? Constantly changing COVID makes you crazy? Triggered emotions leave you feeling out of control? Grief, nervousness, or fear holding you hostage? With the help of hypnosis, you can bring relaxation and confidence back into your life.

Our Office

Turn west off Goderich St (Hwy 21) at the Greyfair Furniture building onto Johnston Ave. The main entrance and parking are located off Johnston Ave. Photos of the side of the building.

Bruce Grey Hypnosis is located in the same building as Brubaker Foot Clinic and Dr. Moona’s Advanced Pain Relief. Check out the beautiful new exterior (as Google Earth is still showing this building as yellow).
Master Hypnotist Society of Canada Members – – – Geographically if we aren’t suited please contact my colleagues below